GQ wedding Showgo is Published in ZexyPremier no.3

Artis/Wedding photojournalist Showgo is Published in Zexy Premier no.3

and also,Showgo’s photos appear on Mr.Shofukutei’s wonderful article .


またShowgo の写真が素敵な笑福亭鶴瓶氏の記事に登場しているようだ







zexy premiershowgo westfieldzexypremire spotzexy premier0001zexy premier0002zexy premier0003GARB DRESSING 0035 kyoto02 water 1513osaka05kyoto08 kyoto01 神戸前撮りロケーションフォトグラフィー

duclass090 アメ村023 shiga maedori153 nortredam kobe maternity kobe53 costa vinos GQ149 Gucci Male Model0013 rihga royal wed07 福知山結婚式0012

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