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About Wedding photographer Showgo Westfield

Wedding=ART 結婚式は白いキャンバスのようなモノで新郎新婦を含めゲスト全ての人、会場、小物達がそれぞれ独自の色を持ち、それらを写真という目で感じるカタチへと表現/描くのがブライダルフォトジャーナリストの使命。

His Thoughts

Artist+Wedding Photographer = Entertainer
WESTFIELD is a photographer that specializes in creative documentary wedding photography. He is dedicated to giving you photographs that will blow your mind, make your parents proud and your friends jealous.

What WESTFIELD serves

Wedding Photography

"WEDDINGはFINE ART,幸せを目で感じる"It/イット"に表現するのが僕ら写真家の仕事” Westfieldは思い出フェチである。体感したもの、感じた空気感をこの場にいない人達に伝えたい。出席できなかった友達、出席でなかったおじいちゃんやおばあちゃん、将来生まれてくる我が子に伝えたい瞬間を伝えたい。その場の空気感を最大限に利用して残すではなく、伝えたいとの思い、シェアしたい思いでWestfieldはG.Q.W.Pとして活動しております。

Wedding Photography


T + A Thanks For Coming To Our Wedding February 3rd.2018     THANKS MOVIE 出席者の皆様へ感謝の気持ちを込めて   S […]
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Next To You

  Next To You Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD Location The Imperial Hotel Tokyo/帝国ホテル東京     &nb […]
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imperial hotel TOKYO

Stay Right There Location Imperial Hotel Tokyo/帝国ホテル Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD Space Between Us – […]
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Nights With You

Nights With You 舞子ホテル/Maiko Hotel Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD       Ed Sheeran – Love […]
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Where No One Goes/KARUIZAWA WEDDING Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD location @ generous karuizawa/ロケーション@ジェネラス […]
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Your Song

I Can’t Fall in Love Without You Location: St.Bath Church     “I Can’t Fall in Lov […]
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By My Side

By My Side Location @ SETRE Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD     “Cold Water (Piano Cover Sheet […]
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KOBE CLUB/神戸クラブ PHOTOGRAPHY BY SHOWGO WESTFILED   Paris ft. Ashlynn Early – Chainsmokers (Acoustic) […]
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Seiryuden Temple

Seiryuden Temple/青龍殿 Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD destination photography/デスティネーションフォトグラフィー スイスx日本   & […]
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A Miracle

A Miracle Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD       Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl    
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STAR GAZER/星見 LOCATION AWAJISHIMA/ロケーション淡路島     The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Ju […]
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Engagement Portraits

Jeune Fille

GQ wedding Meets Jeune Fille A Hair Make up Artist CHINATSU https://www.instagram.com/na__atsu/     […]
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destination photography

Engagement Photography Location: OWASE/尾鷲 Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD   music-Dream Land (Road Trip) […]
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BLACK PHOTOGRAPHY BY SHOWGO WESTFIELD Location Kaiyukan/海遊館, Banpaku Park/万博記念公園   Rascal Flatts Bless th […]
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Fine Art Maternity Photography

Girls Day

Girls Day PHOTOGRAPHY BY SHOWGO WESTFIELD   Shape of you      
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Family Picture

Last Summer Family Photography/家族撮影     James Arthur – Say you won’t let go     […]
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Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Location 中之島 Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD       What Do You Mean_ (Acoustic […]
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Haku Location in Kyoto/京都 Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD     Ed Sheeran – Nancy Mulligan &nbs […]
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753 Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD ロケーション 西宮えびす神社     Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber & MØ – […]
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Like A Family

Like A Family Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD Location Rinku/りんくう     Gavin James – Nervous (T […]
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Put Me Closer

Put Me Closer ニフレル/nifrel Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD   CLOSER – The Chainsmokers ft Halsey &nb […]
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Hallelujah Maternity Photography Photography By SHOWGO WESTFIELD       “Hallelujah ” […]
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